Environmental Sustainability

Energy & Carbon Reduction Solutions


Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

PixArt is an IC-design company without manufacturing processes that generate wastewater, exhaust gas, or hazardous waste. However, we still actively take energy conservation and carbon reduction measures, mainly as follows.
  • Objective: The annual electricity reduction target is 3% per capita.
  • Measures: Continuously replace lighting equipment with LED fixtures. Gradually replace old, energy-consuming air conditioning systems with newer, more efficient models. Take energy management measures to reduce power consumption, such as promoting the habit of turning lights off when not in use and shutting down personal computers and devices after work.
  • Outcome: We have carried out all measures mentioned above and successfully achieved our 3% per capita goals in 2022.

Water Resources


Promote “conserve water in daily activities”, and adjust how we supply water in the office building.

  • Objective: The annual water reduction target is 3% per capita.
  • Measures: Adjust the water supply pressure and volume of office building dispensor to an appropriate level. Purchase water-efficient products with water-saving labels. Regularly inspect and maintain water equipment and pipelines.
  • Outcome: By carrying out all measures mentioned above, including purchasing water-saving equipment, we have effectively reduced unnecessary water consumption.

Waste Management


Reduce waste through proper waste sorting.

  • Objective: The annual waste reduction target for business waste is 3% per capita.
  • Measures:
    • The company upholds the principles of the circular economy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery) as the foundation for waste generation and control.
    • Continuously launch innovative environmental technology projects to promote the concept of the circular economy.
    • Prioritize the use of reusable items and ensure proper waste sorting.
    • Items with no reuse or recycling values will be disposed of by qualified waste management companies.
    • Reinforce correct waste sorting and gradually substitute paper-based.
  • Outcome: We achieved our goals in 2021 by upholding our 4R recycling principles (i.e., reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover) as the basis for our disposal generation plan and control, allowing PixArt to implement its circular economy concept with environment-friendly technologies and projects.