Responsible Supply Chain

Local Procurement


Committed to supporting local businesses, PixArt has implemented a local procurement policy and procures approximately 90% of our annual raw materials locally.

To ensure our suppliers are law-compliant to fulfill end customer requirements and minimize the impact on the ecosystems, according to our internal Environment Management Material Control Process, we request our suppliers to provide third-party test reports, material-safety datasheets, or certificates of non-hazardous substances to eliminate the presence of any prohibited/restricted substances in the suppliers' raw materials, manufacturing procedures, or equipment.

In our day-to-day procurement, we strongly align with the government's advocacy for Green Procurement, which includes using green building materials, LED lighting fixtures, etc. When procuring office supplies or equipment, we prioritize environmental-friendly items that are water-efficient, energy-efficient, low in pollution, non-toxic, recyclable, or with environmental-protection certification stickers.