Corporate Sustainability Management

Corporate Sustainability Policy


Dedicated to its corporate social responsibility, PixArt Imaging Inc. gives back to society, facilitates a balance between economy, community, and ecology, and promotes sustainability. We have developed our corporate social responsibility policy in accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies and references the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). This policy, renamed corporate sustainability in 2021, is a set of guidelines every company member observes to promote our corporate social responsibility.

  1. Based on the principle of integrity management, we oppose any form of corruption, venality, bribery and require all employees to abide by the Integrity Management Rules and Moral Standards.
    • The company promises that its employees and management will always show integrity and uphold correct practices in all business conduct.
    • The company opposes any form of corruption, including extortion, blackmail, bribery, embezzlement of public funds, and others.

  2. Implement corporate governance, comply with various laws and regulations, improve the transparency of operation information, and fully consider the rights and influence of stakeholders (including employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment, etc.).
    • According to laws and regulations, the company will disclose information on business activities, organizational structure, financial status, and other data. We release annual reports and financial statements on the company's website and market information every year.
    • Independent directors of the company emphasize independence and professionalism, properly plan the company's innovative development strategy, and effectively supervise and protect the rights and interests of shareholders.

  3. Strengthen customer partnerships, provide high-value services, and commit to sustainable operations and development.
    • The company considers customer relationships, operation partnerships, and creating a win-win situation critical to pursuing the best interests of all stakeholders.
    • Persistently research new technologies and develop new applications to provide more convenient approaches and provide customers with holistic support and system design services.

  4. Pursue environmental sustainability, establish a quality and non-hazardous substance policy, and adopts green design for products and production. The company also advocates energy conservation and carbon reduction and adopts various management measures to reduce the impact of operations on the environment.
    • The company responds to climate change through management to reduce energy waste, promote waste reduction and plastic reduction activities, and respond to environmental protection issues and activities within the local community.
    • All company suppliers must abide by the Non-hazardous Substance Policy to minimize the impact of production on the environment.

  5. Materialize corporate value and commitment, regard employees as the most critical company asset, and uphold co-creation and sharing of knowledge by all employees to create a healthy and safe workplace.
    • The company regards employees as its most important asset, provides competitive salaries, and safeguards the health and safety of employees to provide a safe working environment.
    • Reinforce a non-discriminatory culture by paying close attention to employees' rights and interests, with zero tolerance for inhumane treatment. In addition, our employees' remuneration and working hours comply with local laws and regulations. Child labor is strictly prohibited.

  6. Support the cultivation of industrial talent, work with colleges, universities, and other organizations, provide diversified and long-term cooperation models, and nurture young students for the future workplace.
    • The company focuses on cultivating semiconductor talents, working with universities and colleges (industry-academia collaboration) to share industry experience, and cultivating students for the future workplace in Taiwan and job matching, thus laying a good foundation for the company's sustainability.

  7. Integrate volunteer teams and company resources, actively care for disadvantaged groups, participate in social charity activities, and create shared prosperity and well-being within the local community.
    • Actively participate in social charity activities, especially involving disadvantaged groups in local communities, provide long-term and continuous assistance, and respond to the needs of society and local communities from the top.

  8. Share operation results with shareholders and employees and take on board feedback from society to improve.
    • The company adheres to feedback from society about its operations and shares this information with its shareholders and employees to fully implement corporate social responsibility.